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Inventory is subject to change at any time. Not all of these items are guaranteed to be in stock. The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the ability to keep many regular items in stock. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Salamanca Cigar Group

Alan Fonseca's attention to detail is remarkable and it shows in his high quality cigars with tobaccos grown at the Plasencia Farm in Nicaragua.

Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua and Honduras from wide variety of premium long-filler tobaccos and well-known wrapper varietals.

La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana cigars are known for their innovative shapes and their use of tobaccos grown on the company's farms in the Dominican Republic.

My Father Cigars

The Garcia Family blends are uncompromisingly robust and aromatic, recognized for their distinct combination of strength, richness and spicy aroma along with a heavy finish. The construction is a very meticulous handcrafted cigar with a beautiful wrapper and a traditional triple-cap finish.


The Rebirth of Cigars Multiple brands within the brand


Camacho cigars- bold everyday Honduran cigars from Davidoff. Milder Baccarat cigars made by Davidoff also on hand in the humidor.

Tatuaje Cigars

Tatuaje cigars, known for their Cubanesque flavor, have a real following among serious cigar smokers. Don't let the simple bands and boxes fool you.

Foundation Cigars

With over 20 years of love and dedication for the industry, we merge old world traditions with modern-day styles and customs to produce unique premium cigars. Our goal is to work with specially selected tobacconists who recognize our passion and dedication for quality artisan products.


Recognized world-wide for delivering only the finest, handmade, complex cigars.


Since 1886 the Oliva family has been hand crafting the finest cigars in the industry. We take great pride in offering selections that appeal to both novice and seasoned smokers.

La Galera

Jose Arnaldo Blanco, known to all as “Jochy” has grown and processed tobacco to perfection throughout his tenure as a manufacturer and grower for the last few decades, and his factory Tabacalera Palma has been the home for outstanding cigars that have gained the love and appreciation of smokers all over the world.

General Cigar

General Cigar is the market leader in handmade cigars in the U.S. and the world’s largest manufacturer of premium cigars including iconic brands such as Cohiba, Partagas,Punch and more.

Arturo Fuente

Arturo Fuente cigars are consistently rated among the best cigars in the world. Our reputation for unsurpassed quality, with both flavor and quality.

Esteban Carreras

Esteban Carreras cigars is a premium handmade cigar manufacturer. Our factory Tabacaleras Carreras, is located in Esteli, Nicaragua and produces hundreds of different cigars for both ourselves and other premium cigar makers

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