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Cigar Shop Etiquette

Etiquette may sound snooty but actually, it’s quite simple. Act as if you were visiting a friend’s place. Being mindful of others and respecting the business environment is what most of the guidelines below are about. Then relax and enjoy the cigar lifestyle!

Image by Alex Haney

In the Humidor

Keep your beverage out of the humidor. No need to risk damaging the store’s inventory.

It’s reasonable to want to smell the cigar your about to buy, but your nose touching it isn’t.

Handle store inventory with care, ask for help if needed.

Ask for help with back stock, you know, the boxes overhead or tucked under the bottom shelves.

Theft is a problem for all stores, hoodies and purses put shop owners on alert. Watch that you aren’t putting your hands in and out of pockets or purses, that looks shady

Volume control - Be mindful of the other guest; It’s not friendly for other

guest to feel as though they’re intruding on your private party.

Volume again- Use phones on speaker outside.

Phone’s, again- Take work conference calls to a quiet, separate part of lounge when they are unavoidable. It’s best not to make the whole lounge your private office.

Cigars go out on their own. No need to smudge up ashtrays, eventually all that extra cleaning wears away the finish. Leave them sitting in the rest portion or inside the ashtray.

Use the ashtrays- Save the long ash game and use ashtrays accordingly. No one enjoys sitting in a mess all over the seats and tables.

Image by Mohd Jon Ramlan

In the Lounge

Smoke cigars from the store’s humidor. Smoke ‘em where you bought ‘em!

Soliciting is disrespectful to the business and the other parons.


If you’re a licker bring your own cutter!!!  The most disgusting habit shop

staff deals with, just don’t use public cutters if you have to lick your cigar first.

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