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About those cubans......

Hold up buddy, don't book that flight to Cuba to stock up just yet, and definitely don't stroll into your local cigar retailer and ask your favorite tobacconist where the cuban's are. This is what you need to know to not look like a dummy...

  • While the POTUS is working with Cuba to regain relation's, Congress has not lifted the embargo at this time

  • Should you be fortunate enough to travel to Cuba you are allowed to return with 100$ in tobacco and or alcohol products, click here for the  details

  • 100 US dollars will cover approx. 12 Montecristo No.2's or 3 Behike's, click here for more info

  • Returning home from a third party country with any amount of cuban cigars is still prohibited

Handy Apps

Your hand held computing device can guide you to the nearest cigar shop/lounge, keep track of your previous smokes or intereact with other cigar enthusiasts. Here is a list of of St.Claire Cigars favorite apps.

  • Cigar Dojo - a locater and social app in one. Somewhat like facebook for cigar lovers that starts with a shop locater and check-in feature (free)

  • Where to Smoke - from Cigar Aficianado a free app used to search and locate cigar shops, lounges, bars and otherr cigar friendly enviroments

  • Cigar Rights of America -  A cigar advocacy group "Fighting for the Freedon To Enjoy Premium Cigars" App & website

  • Cigar Dave - Weekly cigar podcast

  • My Humidor - Your virtual humidor to track cigars you have, the one's you've smoked and more.

  • Cigar Geeks - $3.99 A database with 33,00 +searchable cigars, reviews, a community  and more

Smart Phone

Cigar Shop Etiquette

How well polished are your social graces? Follow these pointer's and you will be a welcomed addition to most cigar lounge groups....

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